We offer services of engineering and consulting for the oil industry.
Our proposal is simple and honest, contributing to the solution, reducing costs, and creating value for the client.
In an environment where the service and the engineering are fundamental for the development of the industry, the generic strategy is the differentiation, mainly based on an excellence in Service and a high Commitment with the client.
The proposal is to offer high quality services that add economic value to the client, essential factor in all projects that it is undertaken.


To Please our clients with a high quality service.
To create value with each offered service. Continuous improvement in all the services offered, looking for the client's total satisfaction.
To promote the use of ecological technologies in way of protecting to the environment.
Honesty, integrity and ethics in all the aspects of the business.


Strategic objectives:
Guide toward a leadership in technology.
Recognition in the market because of high quality in services.
To have the best service of the market.